Manipulation Under Anesthesia for Low Back Pain

I have performed many manipulation under anesthesia for low back pain procedures over the years. For those chronic low back pain sufferers, it is an extremely viable and successful procedure that helps people manage pain, reduce pain and even eradicate pain. I love to see my Vineland patients with less pain.

Why do you get Back Pain in the first place?

The primary cause of low back pain that I see in my office boils down to the compression of the lumbar joint. Added pressure over the years increases dysfunction, causes degeneration, herniations form, discs bulge, nerves get pinched. Muscles then spasms, increase in tightness and then increase the pressure on the joints as well. Range of motion decreases, pain increases, and everything rubs against each other creating inflammation and more pain. The whole effect is like a snowball and it can get badly out of control.

While the majority of people do not need manipulation under anesthesia for low back pain, some who have suffered for many years, it is a great alternative to surgery itself. It’s primarily for those people who do respond to physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, but the relief is only temporary.

Why does the pain return?

Primarily because while therapy does help, it doesn’t go far enough and actually treat the source of the pain. This could be because the patient is unable to take the therapy while awake as the pain is too great. With manipulation under anesthesia for low back pain, when you are put out, the whole body is relexed. This means the therapist is able to fully extend to the extremes these limbs and joints which will break up the adhesions and scar tissues that have formed over the years. Once those adhesions are broken up, the joints will decompress, the range of motion increases because there is little to nothing to resist movement, and inflammation decreases. All this essentially reduces the load or pressure off of the joints.

Once the joints expand to their proper positions, pinched nerves, herniations and other issues are also released thus providing a better range of motion.

The success rate for the procedure is well over 90% in pain reduction and is a great alternative to actual surgery.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic back pain, perhaps manipulation under anesthesia for low back pain will work for you. Share this content or contact me via Facebook or my office. Call (856) 690-8883 and we can discuss your issue and see what we can do for you.