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Chiropractic Care has Become a Worldwide Phenomenon

There are over 100,000 chiropractors practicing around the world, including your local Vineland Chiropractor! Chiropractic care is a great alternative to pain meds and surgery, which explains its success. In our Vineland practice alone, we have helped so many people get out of pain and feeling better.

Many studies have also backed this information up.

Let’s take a look at a few facts and stats.

  • Chiropractic comes from two Greek words: cheir (hand) and praktis (to do). Together, it means ‘done by hand.’
  • Chiropractors are the third most common field of doctor, the first and second being medical and dentist. 
  • 27 million adjustments are performed yearly. When you do the math, this means one million adjustments per day, 125,000 adjustments per hour, and 2100 adjustments per minute.
  • Many sports pros use chiropractic care. Each NFL team has their own personal chiropractor to treat the teammates.

Some stats include:

  • 56 percent of patients who regularly received regular medical treatment saw a 30 percent decrease in pain over a four week treatment period. 94 percent of chiropractic patients saw the same exact 30 percent pain reduction over the same period of time. 
  • If patients saw a chiropractor instead of a doctor, medicare would save about 84 million dollars per year.
  • The risks associated with chiropractic care are very low, where as pain killers are very dangerous with the opioid epidemic we are currently going through

Here at Back Pain Relief Center in Vineland, we strive to help our patients get out of pain as soon as we can. Chiropractic care has been proven to work, according to these studies, which is why it is so popular.

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To Get Cracked or Not Get Cracked

Cracking is one of the biggest things associated with chiropractors. It’s no different for us here at our chiropractor’s office here in Vineland. Chiropractic care is hands on manipulation and cracking does come with the territory, but it doesn’t have to.

Before we look at cracking, let’s go into what we are looking to achieve with an adjustment.

The essential things are to decompress the joint. So decompressing the joint releases pressure, realigns things, gets the joint functioning properly and ultimately reduces inflammation and pain. That’s the goal of chiropractic.

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Why an Accident Attorney is Important Even if You Aren’t at Fault

We have been helping accident injury cases for many years now here in our Vineland New Jersey office. We understand the process extremely well and it is my personal belief that if you have been involved in an accident, even if it isn’t your fault, you are probably better off with an accident attorney to help you through the process. Unfortunately, the process can be complex, insurance companies rarely want to pay out full compensations that should be owed to you, and also so you keep any out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Let’s take a look at a few of these factors in more detail.

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How does Chiropractic Care Work?

How does chiropractic work is the theme of this blog. The majority of pain issues we see here at our Vineland office of Back Pain Relief Center are due to compression of the joints. So what happens is, your joints compress (through wear and tear, an injury, gravity, poor posture and a multitude of other things), the compression causes dysfunction, which in turn generates inflammation and then pain. If untreated or not rectified, then the compression can get worse due to scar tissue forming which generates more inflammation and more pain. The good news is chiropractic care helps to get you back to normal.

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Protocol of Care for Back Pain in Vineland

No matter what type of doctor you choose to manage your pain, most all of them have the similar goal to get you out of pain, and feeling better as quickly as possible. There is a certain protocol of care that all of these doctors take, but do have some differences. The more you can understand this, you will be able to make better decisions on where exactly to go to get treatment. We understand that it can be quite frustrating when you are not responding to a treatment as well as you thought you would.

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How I Manage Back Pain in Vineland

Hi! Your Vineland chiropractor here. Just want to share a bit about myself and what I have put my body through over the years which in turn has led to back pain. How I manage my pain has been key to how I continue to live my life, do the things I love to do and to continue my profession in chiropractic.

Here is a bit of background information about myself: I am 49 years old and have been lifting weights since I was quite young. I’ve also done judo since I was 4 years old, and began jujitsu about 8 years ago. My normal weekly schedule looks like this: Lifting weights three days a week, Judo (a lot of throwing) three days a week, Jujitsu, (a lot of people tugging on my arms), surfing, and on Sunday, jogging as active rest. I also travel on a plane once per week, which tends to be uncomfortable.

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What to do about Mid Back Pain

I was recently sent a message by someone in Toronto of all places about the upper and mid back pain she’d been suffering from. She asked about injections in that area as what she’d been trying up in Canada hadn’t been working for her.

Firstly, what causes mid back pain in the first place? In the majority of cases I see, mid back pain is generated from repetitive stress disorder, that is an injury that builds up over time through doing the same time of action over and over again. Hairdressers are a classic example of people who can suffer from this as they are bending over for much of the day.

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How to Know When its Time for Back Surgery

How to Know When its Time for Back Surgery

This is a question I am faced with a few times a year with patients in my Vineland practice. I am grateful that it doesn’t happen too often, but nonetheless, it is sad when things have got so bad that this becomes the only solution.

There are three major factors that can lead a patient towards the consideration of back surgery. They are:

  1. When a patient is suffering from unrelenting pain. They have pain no matter what treatment they have tried. It could be chiropractic, pain killers, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, massage, injections and even manipulation under anesthesia. When all these treatments have been tried and they have not succeeded, then surgery may be considered.
  2. If body functions are not good, so perhaps you are finding numbness or tingling that won’t go away or you are struggling to walk or even hold a cup of coffee properly. These could all be neurological factors that are preventing the signals getting to the brain and thus causing your motions to not work properly.
  3. If an MRI comes back and shows a problem with a disc herniation which is pushing on the spinal cord and compressing it. At that point, it’s vital to have surgery to correct the problem before it causes serious damage. This is why we normally send you away for MRI scans to enable us to fully understand what’s going on with a serious problem.

We understand that the thought of surgery can be quite scary and certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why we always suggest trying all treatments first before making the decision.

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Why We Think You Can Improve Your Pain in Vineland

We see many patients here at Back Pain Relief Center in Vineland who have been suffering with back, neck or shoulder pain for many months, sometimes years. They have searched for solutions to help with their pain and it’s incredible that they are still suffering. We fully believe though, with the right treatment, their pain levels can reduce and they are able to live good lives again.

The biggest hurdle I see in many people is their attitudes. I don’t mean that in a mean way, but many aim to be totally pain free. While that is a fine goal to have, sometimes you do have to be realistic and understand that it may not always be possible due to the type of condition. With degeneration for example, it’s unlikely you will ever be back to normal, but absolutely I do believe you can improve your lot. So dialing down expectations and coming to some kind of acceptance is key.

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Sciatica Pain Treatment in Vineland

Sciatica Pain Treatment Vineland

Sciatica is a common condition we see here in Vineland. The sciatic nerve of course controls much of the leg portion of the body and any issue with this nerve is going to cause problems in this area. The sciatic nerve is fed by five other nerves from the lumbar region of the back into the buttocks. Sciatica pain treatment in Vineland can help to identify and minimize its effects from examining and identifying the problem.

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