How does chiropractic work is the theme of this blog. The majority of pain issues we see here at our Vineland office of Back Pain Relief Center are due to compression of the joints. So what happens is, your joints compress (through wear and tear, an injury, gravity, poor posture and a multitude of other things), the compression causes dysfunction, which in turn generates inflammation and then pain. If untreated or not rectified, then the compression can get worse due to scar tissue forming which generates more inflammation and more pain. The good news is chiropractic care helps to get you back to normal.


Through a variety of different techniques of manual cracking, manipulations and adjustments which are more hands on, while instruments designed to help break up scar tissue can also be used. Soft tissue therapy is also helpful in reducing the impact of compressed joints.

We pretty much cover all those therapies here at Back Pain Relief Center. I tend to be more hands on while Dr Avakian uses instruments and soft tissue therapies to help our patients. This combination of treatments helps our patients and also gives them a choice which is important too.

So how do these treatments actually help things?

Chiropractic treatment aims at decompressing the joints and breaking up the cycle of scar tissue forming along with the inflammation and pain that comes along with it. By realigning the joints and putting them back where they should be helps to restore proper range of motion and this proper action means that the body has a chance to heal itself and to reduce the effects of the compression.

In the medical field, anti inflammatory drugs aim for similar results. By reducing the inflammation it gives the body a break and the ability to help put things back. The beauty with chiropractic care over medication is that chiropractic has no side effects and it really aims to do more in fixing the problem at source. A combination of the two treatments may also be necessary for acute pain in that medication can provide the break in pain while chiropractic can get in and fix the underlying issue.

How long does chiropractic treatment take?

While each patient is different and individual needs are treated on an individual basis, we generally expect to see an improvement between 3 and 6 treatments. Sometimes it’s more in problem conditions and sometimes it may even need referring on to another specialist depending on the injury. And sometimes just one visit is needed.

How quickly can chiropractic get a patient better?

Again, it depends, but if it takes 6 visits on average, you may want to come in every day until it’s done, or every few days depending on how you feel. Once you are better, regular maintenance is recommended, maybe come in once a month or every two months to help prevent any future problems, but we operate on a come in when you want policy. No long term treatment plans or contracts.

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