Why You Should Get Checked Out After an Auto Accident

Why you should get checked out after an auto accident is quite key to your future health. Auto accidents are very common place and here in Vineland, NJ is no different. However it is incredible the number of people who have an accident, and just because it’s minor they don’t get checked out properly. Sure, they may visit the ER and when they’re told no broken bones, they assume all is good. But that is not necessarily true. When a person is involved in an accident, one of the most common results is a whiplash injury. This is the sudden movement forward and back of the head and neck. It causes small tears in muscles and if not treated properly, these tears do not heal properly, and in the long term, cause more pain and problems.

This isn’t simple heresay as the effects of auto accidents have been carefully studied over many years. Check out these amazing stats based on study and maybe you’ll see why it is so important as to why you should get checked out after an auto accident.

Stat 1 – Between 15% and 40% of people injured in an auto accident suffer ongoing chronic pain due to the initial injury not being treated.

Stat 2 – 100% of chronic pain sufferers whose injuries were caused by whiplash in an auto accident will have abnormal psychological profiles with standard assessments. This means people become nervous about driving again, they get nervous around situations where their injuries originally occurred such as stop lights or if there’s snow and ice on the ground. Accidents really take a toll on people.

Stat 3 – A 17 year study revealed that 55% of patients who suffer with pain from an accident still suffer with that same pain.

Stat 4 – 90% of patients who are given a cervical collar perhaps by the ER department to help with their whiplash injury will suffer from chronic pain 6 months later because the original problem was not dealt with. Patients assume the collar will help fix the problem and so do not get their injuries looked at.

Stat 5 – 7 years after the accident, a large portion of patients will likely be taking pain medication to deal with their pain. This is just one way that opioid addiction starts.

Stat 6 – 1 in 100 of all people on the planet suffer from whiplash injuries in some form. That is a colossal amount of people.

These six stats should be enough to convince anyone why you should get checked out after an auto accident . If you have been involved in an accident in the past and were wondering about aches and pains, it may be that you are still suffering with the effects of that accident. Other symptoms may include neck and back pain, headaches and more. So if you are in pain and based in Vineland, give us a call. We can help you and would love to help you regain a pain free life.

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