Frozen Shoulder Syndrome & Pain? There Is Hope!


Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (Adhesive Capsulitis) is a condition with unknown origin. Meaning, we know why it isn’t working, just not sure why it happens. Restricted motion and pain are the key complaints.


Shoulder pain is associated with FSS. It’s caused when you try to move your arm in certain directions. (E.g. reaching in your back pocket or combing your hair). Often repetitive motions, stress, aggravate it and weather changes. The pain can last for years.


Contracture is the second common symptom. Simply, you can’t move your shoulder any more. Slowly you have more pain, which in turn makes it even more difficult to move your shoulder.


The causes of frozen shoulder are not fully understood. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome can develop after a surgery, injury or fracture. It also affect about 10 to 20% of patients with diabetes.

So What To Do About Your Frozen Shoulder?

First you will need a medical history and examination. A MRI may be ordered to rule out possible shoulder tears and pathology. A few weeks of physical therapy to try to unlock the shoulder is next. Appropriate medication may be prescribed. Possibly a cortisone injection.

If all that fails or you can’t tolerate the treatment, Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) may be the key to unfreeze your shoulder.

MUA is a procedure that is used by specifically trained Chiropractors and Medical doctors as a means of breaking up scar tissue around the joint to restore Range of Motion. It is performed in a surgical setting where the patient is under moderate to deep IV sedation using an anesthesiologist. It takes a relatively short period of time about 15 to 20 minutes.

 Where Can You Have This Done?

Dr. Ray Marquez of Back Pain Relief Center in Vineland has performed numerous MUA’s for frozen shoulders over the years. He has close to a 90% success rate in restoring motion and decreasing pain.

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