Chiro Care Helped Me in Judo – It Can Help You in Your Life too

I have been practicing judo since I was a young age, and am a third partner in a judo club down in Myrtle Beach in SC. I also go to a judo club here in Vineland and have been competing for many years now. As I get older, I find that my body isn’t able to handle the things it used to, but I am fortunate in that I have doctors at my practices who can give me adjustments when I need them. This has been invaluable to my successes in my sport and just recently┬áI competed in the US Judo Association Summer Nationals in West Palm, Florida. At my ripe old age of 47, I was not only able to compete at the high level, but I also won all 4 of my matches

Chiropractic care helped me a great deal as I was dealing with several issues on my own body that many of my patients come to my offices to be treated. Firstly, I had some neck issues which caused tingling in my fingers. I was also suffering from mild to moderate low back pain, and most notably, I had previously torn my meniscus in my knee that resulted in surgery. I had to keep this in check too.

Despite all these issues, I believe that if I can, I shouldn’t have to give up what I love doing.

What did I do to help me continue?

As a chiropractor with great faith in the practice, I ensured I had at least one adjustment a week. Of course, this is very convenient for me because I work with other chiros. What regular chiropractic care did for me was to ensure that any adhesions and scar tissue were broken up and my spine was decompressed. This helps take pressure off of my back and neck and thus increases mobility and range of motion.

In addition to this, I would each night stretch my neck out and decompress the joints. I’d do this for several minutes, stretching back over my bed and I also used a foam roller under my shoulders to get different motions going. I have an inversion table I used for a couple of sessions a week to further open my joints and decompress them.

After several sessions of each, the tingling in my fingers reduced, especially after neck adjustments.

30 second cold showers was something else I incorporated into my regime. I still have regular hot showers, but taken the cold ones too helps keep inflammation down.

For my knee, I used a special cryotherapy knee brace which has an ice pack enclosed. This helped to take pressure off of it, and in my Myrtle Beach office I was able to take advantage of my cold laser therapy equipment to further control inflammation.

Chiropractic Care was My Key Victory

As with most things in life, consistency is key. I was consistent in my treatment of my body. As I trained, if I felt a twinge or excess pain, I would stop and recover for a couple of days. I listen to my body more now than I ever have done in the past. But having the regular chiropractic care, the daily stretches, the treatment on my knee, I was able to get my body in shape to perform in my judo championships and earn my victory. I doubt I would have achieved these standards had I not kept my body in great shape through chiropractic care.

And of course, these same techniques can help anyone in every day life. The things we do, sitting at desks, driving cars, manual tasks, all put stresses on our joints. Decompressing them, adjusting them and treating them regularly is the key to good skeletal health increasing our range of motion.

It helped this 47 year old to judo victory, it can help you too.