Our back pain Vineland chiropractor has seen many patients over the years and has dealt with many different back problems. With this being said, here is the leading cause of back pain, and three ways you can make it better. The majority of patients we’ve seen have significantly improved through these three techniques.

By looking at all of the patients’ symptoms we have seen here, we’ve come up with an overall cause for back pain.

Compression of the furteval joints or squeezing of the back is the number one cause of back pain in most people. We are constantly fighting gravity all day which pushes us constantly; we are sitting in chairs all day, exercising, and there are also genetic factors that are involved with compression of the back. The compression makes for discomfort and pain for many people.

What can we do about life compressing our backs? We at our back pain Vineland chiropractic clinic have multiple solutions for you.

A first solution is by chiropractic manipulation.

When we adjust your back, we are basically decompressing the joint. By decompressing the back, everything becomes loose, nerves are freed, discs are relieved and range of motion improves thus reducing inflammation and pain.

Another method is  tractioning the spine.

A good way to do this is by inversion tables. These can be obtained from the likes of Amazon. Additionally, hanging upside down or using foam rollers helps too. Some chiropractors or physical therapists have specific machines that can help this.

The final way is using ice on your back. When the joint is inflamed, there is fluid, build up, and pressure. Ice does the job of taking all of the inflammation down. This helps take away the decompression.

We at our back pain Vineland chiropractor clinic understand that back pain is extremely common in many people. By doing the three things suggested: chiropractic manipulation, tractioning the spine, and icing your back, you should be able to find relief.

If you have any questions, give us a call (856) 690-8883 or message us on Facebook. We are here to help you get out of pain.