The Three Major Causes of Back Pain and Why You Should Seek Out Regular Chiropractic Care
The various conditions that cause low back pain (LBP) can be classified into three broad categories; mechanical LBP, Nerve Root Pain and Red Flags. Here is a detailed description of each category and why seeking chiropractic care as soon as possible after detecting the conditions on your back is an excellent decision.

1. Mechanical LBP

The pain pattern characterized by mechanical LBP is usually confined to the low back and at times may spread to the hips and buttocks. The pain may extend to the thighs but it is unusual to feel pain past the knee area. The pain as result of mechanical LBP is never characterized by numbness or weakness in the leg or foot. But, what is the exact cause of mechanical LBP? Lumbar and sacroiliac (SI) sprains, facet syndrome and lumbar muscle strains are listed as some of the major causes of this condition. Other causes include degenerative disk disease (DDD), osteoarthritis, spondylolysis and spinal instability. Mechanical LBP can cause painful sensations if not handled by a qualified chiropractor or any other medical practitioner in good time. The condition can worsen and even lead to other serious health complications such as arthritis.

2. Nerve Root Pain

Nerve root pain conditions cause muscle weakness and numbness to the patient. This is therefore more dangerous than the mechanical LBP conditions. Some major causes of nerve root pain include central or spinal stenosis, arthritis and calcification of ligaments near nerve root. The conditions can also result from herniated disk. The disk can be herniated from either direct nerve convulsion or chemical irritations that inflame the nerve. Nerve root pain can be handled by professional chiropractors without inducing surgical operation.

3. Red Flags

The red flags category of low back pain causes include health infections and conditions such as cancer, cauda equine syndrome and fracture. The patient may experience unexplained weight loss, non-responding low back pain to treatment and sleep interruptions as result of the red flags conditions. Individuals with past history of cancer are also more likely to be diagnosed with red flags category conditions than those who do not have such history. Although further tests are needed to determine if the low back pain conditions is as a result of this third category, it is important to realize that people older than 50 years are prone to develop conditions associated with the red flags broad category of causes of LBP. Red flags conditions are more dangerous than the other two categories and should be handled by qualified medical practitioners as early as possible.

Lastly, it is important to point out that chiropractic experts can help relieve pain caused by most of these LBP conditions. The procedures involved in chiropractic care include spinal manipulation and realignment of important bones in the low back, buttocks and thigh areas. These techniques help in containing the pain in an easy way that does not involve surgical operations.


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