Making A Full Recovery After An Concussion

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Do you think that you need that concussions are only caused by head injuries or that this medical problem can easily be diagnosed? Other people think so too. The true complications of brain injuries are still not fully understood by healthcare providers. This is because there is no convincing way of performing an accurate diagnosis. Traumatic brain injury refers to a condition that causes bleeding inside the skull. Mild traumatic brain injury is known as a disorder that causes no bleeding.
Negligence of People

One of the biggest problems is that almost 40 percent of people suffering from mTBI do not consult their doctors. The resulting consequences of concussion can prove to be fatal. Hence, it is essential to improve the methods of diagnosing and treating this condition. In theory, mTBI occurs when energy from the environmental forces is suddenly transferred to the brain. The energy causes sudden acceleration and deceleration, thereby, literally striking the brain against the skull.

It is important to include a review of the systems of the body when checking for an mTBI. The nervous system, which includes cognitive and behavioral symptoms, should be thoroughly checked. After a concussion, a person tends to face a number of symptoms including dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, brain fog, fatigue and drowsiness, memory loss, and much more.
Modern Tools to Diagnose Concussion
While many mTBI victims are able to make a full recovery, about 25% people are unable to do so. Diffuse Tensor Imaging is one of the new technologies that can help doctors recognize the damage caused to neural structures during a head injury. This can occur from a range of accidents like slipping or getting hurt during physical activities. While most healthcare providers do not utilize it, The Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 2 is being exploited to great effect by countless sports leagues.

Taking a Blood Test
Calculating the brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF), a chemical hormone that keeps the nerve cells healthy in the body, is another excellent method. This is done by taking a blood test. People suffering from mTBI and TBI have low BDNF levels in the blood. These people, according to recent studies, are less likely to make a full recovery.
Basically, this kind of blood test has made it easier for doctors to diagnose and decide the severity of a concussion. They can even determine the chances of recovery of a patient. People who experience an mTBI often go to doctors of chiropractic to learn the methods of managing this common medical condition.


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