Whiplash Will This Get Better
Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) is defined by sudden movement of the head and neck areas of the human body beyond their normal range of motion, resulting into pain and stiffness. In some cases, whiplash disorders can result into numbness and tingling in the victim’s arms and hands due to nerve injury.

Major Causes of Whiplash

Car accident has been noted as a major cause of WAD. Most victims of whiplash are people who were travelling in vehicles, but due to motor vehicle collision, or sudden pulling of emergency breaks by a car driver, their neck and head parts moved beyond the normal range of motion resulting into stiffness and a painful experience. Other causes of whiplash include bad landing during sporting activities, where a sportsman comes down from a lifted position and lands with head first. You can also get WAD from bad sleeping position. This is especially true if you exert a lot of force in the neck area while sleeping.

Prognosis of Whiplash

Prognosis refers to prediction of the outcome of a disorder with the passage of time. This is usually done either with or without treatment. Whiplash condition is considered stable when the symptoms are not changing and are likely not to go through any significant changes over the next few months to one year. Whiplash condition may result into prolonged recovery or partial recovery, depending on a number of factors. In general, recovery will depend on severity of the injury and whether if there are any bones broken in the head and neck areas. Recovery will also depend on how much effort has been put in place by a chiropractor. Minor WAD takes around 2 weeks for recovery. Moderate whiplash can take up to 8 weeks for full recover, while severe whiplash can lead to a permanent loss of certain functions. Several studies have been conducted to look into the long-term prognosis of whiplash injuries. In one study, after comparing the whiplash patients’ risk score at a one year mark to their work disability, it was concluded that there was a direct correlation between lower scores and lower work disability. The same study revealed that higher scores were attributed to greater work disability.

What Next for Whiplash Patients?

Anyone in need of care for whiplash should visit a chiropractic care clinic as soon as possible. This will provide the chiropractors with enough time to asses the injury and prescribe proper healing formula. You should find a chiropractic care center near you and seek the services of a qualified whiplash recovery expert.

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