Whats This Pain In My Neck?
What is causing pain in my neck?

After waking up this morning, there was this discomforting pain in my neck. I could not move my neck in any direction and every time I tried to, I would feel a sharp pain from the left side of my neck radiating to my shoulder blade. I’ve never had this sort of pain before, what might be the cause?

What you are experiencing is most likely Torticollis; in much simpler terms a painful muscle-spam also commonly known as a wry neck. Made up from the Latin words torte: which means twisted, and collis: which means neck, torticollis is most commonly experienced after one wakes up with the cause being mostly due to cold air: either from a window left open throughout the night or a fan that was left running while one was sleeping . Torticollis can also be brought about by virus responsible for cold or flu or in some instances, trauma such as falling down a wing of stairs. However whichever the cause, most individuals cannot pinpoint what brought about the onset of their symptoms

As a norm, this medical condition gradually improves and wears off after a period of 14 days. However if an individual receives additional medical attention such chiropractic adjustment, the condition can wear off in a few days: within a week. As a norm, the condition is usually characterized by sharp pain and as such, most individuals usually prefer seeking treatment as opposed to letting the condition run its course. In some instances, torticollis can last more than 2 weeks or in some extreme cases even more than a month. As such, seeking treatment when faced with this condition is highly recommended so as to avoid any eventualities. It is also generally advisable to seek treatment before the muscle pain really sets in so as to be able to address this condition more effectively before it regenerates into the deep muscular pain due to movement

Some of the symptoms associated with this condition include

Spine and neck contortion: neck twisted to one side of the body

Muscle spasms

Shoulder and neck pain

Some of the pain relief treatments available for this condition include

Chiropractic spine and neck adjustment

Heat packs


Muscle relaxant

Essential oil massage

Sleep and relaxation

Muscle relaxants

Cervical collar support

If you or any member of the family is afflicted by this condition and requires some care, we are here for you and we sincerely appreciate all the confidence and trust you have shown by choosing us. Chiropractic care has consistently scored as being the best when it comes to the level of comfort and satisfaction when compared to other form of treatment regimens and we are happy to offer this level of care to you and your loved ones

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