I was recently sent a message by someone in Toronto of all places about the upper and mid back pain she’d been suffering from. She asked about injections in that area as what she’d been trying up in Canada hadn’t been working for her.

Firstly, what causes mid back pain in the first place? In the majority of cases I see, mid back pain is generated from repetitive stress disorder, that is an injury that builds up over time through doing the same time of action over and over again. Hairdressers are a classic example of people who can suffer from this as they are bending over for much of the day.

What happens is that the muscles and joints in that area are supposed to glide smoothly over one another. When the area is overworked, friction starts occurring and like if you were to rub your hands together continuously, over time they heat up, get sore and if you kept doing it, callouses would form. The same thing happens in the mid back and instead of callouses, we have scar tissue forming. This eventually impedes movement and it becomes harder and more painful to move. Everything is overworked.

If left alone, the condition can cause further problems which makes it all the more complex to treat and resolve. If caught early enough, then chiropractic treatment for a couple of months should bring the condition under control.

There are several treatment options available other than chiropractic. We have the Gaston technique, Active Release Technique, and even massage to help it. Manipulation Under Anesthesia is another more aggressive treatment that we can do to help things, but that’s a last resort in many cases.

Another option is trigger point therapy where a medical doctor can administer injections directly onto the problem area and muscles. It is a more aggressive form of treatment, but the aim is the same, to try to relax those muscles.

And a combination of any of the above treatments may also be an option for you depending on your situation. As we always say, everyone is different and we aim to help you get out of pain by the means that work for you.

You should also try and understand where the condition came from as well and try to stop whatever it is you are doing to try and decrease the effects of the problem.

While we see mostly low back pain issues, we do see our fair share of mid back pain problems and generally speaking, most are caused by repetitive motion that builds up friction and inflammation.

As ever, if you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting me on Facebook, by email or by stopping in. We’re walk in friendly remember, no appointment is necessary.