What Is Fibromyalgia – All About Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is also known as chronic fibromyalgia syndrome, is a problem faced by 3-4% of the American population. The basic information about fibromyalgia helps in understanding and facing this chronic problem.

Fibromyalgia is also known as chronic fibromyalgia syndrome, is a problem faced by 3-4% of the American population. The basic information about fibromyalgia helps in understanding and facing this chronic problem.

The National Foundation for FMS States almost 12 million Americans are suffering fibromyalgia and the majority of them remain undiagnosed. This disease affects man, women, and children, but the ratio of fibromyalgia is higher in women. The result shows that 90% of the sufferers of fibromyalgia are women and the ratio of women affected are approximately 20:1.

The fibromyalgia is also defined as a syndrome characterized by tenderness and stiffness of muscles, without detectable inflammation. A large number of patients with fibromyalgia face the undue fatigue plagues. The condition of fibromyalgia has been studied since 1800, but it was called by some different names. The term Fibromyalgia is derived from a Latin word, meaning fiber.

What is Fibromyalgia?

People can understand what is fibromyalgia; through basic characteristics of this syndrome. An important thing about fibromyalgia is that the patient suffers pain in all over the body, anxious, tenderness and stiffness of muscles, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and most of the time undetectable inflammation. Although fibromyalgia is extremely painful fortunately it does not lead to any damage to muscles, internal organs and joint deformity.

The current research conducted on fibromyalgia suggests that this disease can start from any traffic accident, illness or any trauma. The study also shows that the progression of fibromyalgia can be slow for many patients and it can start from the mild symptoms related to childhood. Unrelated illness and changes in the weather are also known to aggravate its symptoms.

It is also reported by the patients of the fibromyalgia that they feel temporarily increase in suffering in damp and cold weather. Starvation, malnutrition, hunger, increased stress, sometimes minor physical activities, lack of deep sleep and consumption of alcohol also increases the increase in the suffering of fibromyalgia.

It is a complex and chronic disorder. The researchers and doctors are still not able to figure out the real cause of it. There are also some theories founded about fibromyalgia based on some sound evidence. People suffering from fibromyalgia experience more pain as they tend to be more sensitive in respond.

It is also believed by the doctors that it is a hereditary condition, which runs in families. Though there are no approved studies, which could identify the gene causing the syndrome. An interesting fact about fibromyalgia is that it is also closely linked to sleep disorders like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. It is also suggested by the studies conducted on the fibromyalgia that psychological problem can relate to this severe syndrome. The age range of people suffering from this syndrome is not specific, but usually, it is found more among the people ranging 20s to 40s. It is a fact about fibromyalgia that its real cause is still not identified, but the researchers have found methods to treat this pain through some treatments. Sleep management and psychological techniques are some of the methods to treat fibromyalgia.


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