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Friday, July 15th, 2016

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“Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good,
behave yourself and never mind the rest.”
~ Beatrix Potter

Mental Attitude: Brain Activity Different in Type 2 Diabetics.
Functional MRI scans of the brains of both type 2 diabetics and non-diabetics revealed differences in brain connectivity among diabetics that may help explain the increased risk of dementia among this patient group.
American Journal of Neuroradiology, June 2016

Health Alert: Airport Noise May Increase Blood Pressure.
This study included 201 individuals, of which approximately half lived in an area with high levels of aircraft noise for more than three years. Investigators found that people in high-noise areas were 16% more likely to have high blood pressure and more likely to have heart damage than those with less aircraft noise exposure. Study author Dr. Marta Rojek adds, “More work is needed to enforce laws on exposure to aircraft noise as it is detrimental to our health. We also need further research to understand how the damage occurs and whether it can be reversed.”
European Society of Cardiology, June 2016

Diet: “Traffic-light” & Calorie Information Labels Reduce Calorie Consumption.
According to a new study, color-coded calorie indicators are as effective as actual calorie numbers in helping diners make healthier food choices. Researchers found that when they added color-coded or numeric calorie labels to online food ordering menus, the total calories per order decreased by about 10% when compared to menus featuring no calorie information. The study is the first to evaluate the effect of “traffic-light” calorie labeling, where green labels signal low calorie content, yellow labels signal medium calorie content, and red labels signal high calorie content. The findings add to the growing body of research regarding the impact of calorie labeling on food consumption.
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, April 2016

Exercise: Lack of Exercise Linked to Headaches in Children.
Poor physical fitness and sedentary behavior may result in a greater risk of headaches among children. Researchers analyzed the association of physical fitness, exercise, physically passive hobbies, and body fat content with various pain conditions in a sample of 439 children and found those who were physically unfit suffered from headaches more frequently than others.
The Journal of Pain, June 2016

Chiropractic: Playing Trombone Is a Pain.
The trombone is a popular member of the brass family of musical instruments that requires a unique playing style. A recent study involving 316 trombonists investigated the prevalence, frequency, intensity, quality, timing, and location of site-specific trombone-related pain. The results revealed that 76.6% of participants experienced trombone-related pain in one or more anatomical sites over the past year, most commonly the lips and jaw region, the left upper extremity, and the back. Overall, 35% reported that trombone-related pain prevented them from playing their instrument. The researchers hope the findings will assist educators, performers, and clinicians to understand, prevent, and treat musculoskeletal problems associated with learning and performing musical instruments.
Medical Problems of Performing Arts, June 2016

Wellness/Prevention: Clean That Toothbrush.
Failing to properly clean your toothbrush can lead to the buildup of bacteria and other germs. To ensure that you’re brushing with a clean toothbrush, the American Dental Association recommends the following: replace your toothbrush often, rinse the brush in an antibacterial mouthwash before and after you brush, and use a commercial brush sanitizer approved by the Food and Drug Administration, if possible.
American Dental Association, June 2016

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