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Mental Attitude: Exclusive Breast Feeding Reduces Conduct Disorders in Children. A study that included over 1,500 children found that children who exclusively breastfed during their first six months of life were less likely to have behavioral problems during childhood than those who breastfed for less than six months or not at all. PLOS Medicine, June 2016

Health Alert: Risk of Heart Attack Death More than 50% Higher Among Diabetics. Researchers in the United Kingdom (UK) claim that the risk of death from heart attack may be greater for people living with diabetes. An analysis of data of 703,920 individuals from the UK’s acute myocardial infarction registry revealed that those with diabetes had up to a 56% greater risk of death from a heart attack than non-diabetics. Dr. Mike Knapton, an associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation writes, “This research highlights the need to find new ways to prevent coronary heart disease in people with diabetes and develop new treatments to improve survival after a heart attack.”Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, June 2016

Diet: Micronutrient-Rich Snacks Cut Gestational Diabetes Risk. Consuming a daily snack that includes a leafy green vegetable, fruit, and milk reduced the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) among Indian women by nearly half. In the study, researchers provided 6,513 women living in Mumbai with either the daily micronutrient-rich snack described above or a low-micronutrient potato and onion snack. Of those who became pregnant during the course of the six-year study, 12.4% of those who ate the low-micronutrient snack developed GDM compared with 7.3% in the group who received the more micronutrient-rich snack. Journal of Nutrition, July 2016

Exercise: Push It! When you’re having problems making it through a long, tough workout, the American Council on Exercise offers these suggestions to help you muster the energy to finish: drink eight ounces of water to replenish fluids every 15 minutes during exercise, consider sports drinks to replenish minerals and vitamins, use an energy gel that contains carbohydrates and other nutrients, or opt for an energy bar. American Council on Exercise, June 2016

Chiropractic: Workplace Sick Leave Reduced with Back Pain Education. A new study investigated whether a workplace educational low back pain intervention program had an effect on sick leave among employees. In the study, intervention groups attended educational meetings with information focused on reducing one’s risk for developing back pain. The investigators found that the employees in the intervention groups had significantly fewer days of sick leave after both three and six months than those who did not attend the meetings. The authors conclude that a workplace back pain educational program is effective at reducing sick leave over time. Scandinavian Journal Of Public Health, June 2016

Wellness/Prevention: No Amount of Lead Is Safe for Kids. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there is growing evidence that even low levels of lead exposure can cause permanent mental, behavioral, and school problems in children, and identifying and eliminating lead sources before exposure occurs is the only consistent way to protect children from this danger. According to experts from the AAP, accomplishing this requires stricter regulations, more federal resources, and joint action by government officials and doctors. Dr. Jennifer Lowry, chair of the AAP Council on Environmental Health adds, “We now know that there is no safe level of blood lead concentration for children, and the best ‘treatment’ for lead poisoning is to prevent any exposure before it happens.” Pediatrics, June 2016

Quote: “Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ~ Steve Maraboli

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