Cracking is one of the biggest things associated with chiropractors. It’s no different for us here at our chiropractor’s office here in Vineland. Chiropractic care is hands on manipulation and cracking does come with the territory, but it doesn’t have to.

Before we look at cracking, let’s go into what we are looking to achieve with an adjustment.

The essential things are to decompress the joint. So decompressing the joint releases pressure, realigns things, gets the joint functioning properly and ultimately reduces inflammation and pain. That’s the goal of chiropractic.

So does being cracked help? The basic answer to that is that it doesn’t matter if you are cracked or not. There are many techniques to achieve this goal of having your back or neck decompressed, cracking is just one way to do it.

Around half of our patients like being cracked, the other half don’t, it’s purely a personal decision but we can get those joints functioning properly by a multitude of ways. We can do any of the following:

  • Drop table
  • Trigger point
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Adjusting instrument

Any of the above techniques will help to decompress joints and improve range of motion.

So what does cracking actually do?

I came across this video of an MRI of bones being cracked. As you will see the bones don’t actually crack.

What happens is small bubbles of gas form and when the cracking manipulation is applied, these bubbles are put under high pressure and pop. It is this popping noise you can hear and not actually the bones cracking against one another. You can see it’s totally harmless, but we get why some people still don’t like having it done. Again, we don’t have to treat you that way, we have plenty of alternative options to give the same result.

If you have any questions about cracking joints and other options to get you out of pain, give me a call 856-690-8883 or message me on Facebook.