Reasons to Consider Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Manipulation under anesthesia helps chronic disc disorders in the neck and lower back, it helps fibromyalgia sufferers in breaking up tissue build up and it helps people with frozen shoulder syndrome. These are perhaps the three main areas I see in people that MUA helps.  For long term chronic pain sufferers, manipulation under anesthesia is a very sound treatment that helps reduce or eradicate the pain as well as restoring range of motion. I have performed many manipulation under anesthesia procedures up in New Jersey and see a very high success rate in happy patients. The three main manipulation under anesthesia reasons to consider this treatment are very strong, and provide an excellent form of treatment instead of full on surgery.

Firstly, a small explanation on manipulation under anesthesia and what it means. Essentially, the patient undergoing the procedure is put to sleep for 20 minutes or so and an aggressive adjustment is carried out including stretches, manipulations and other maneuvers designed to help break up adhesions, scar tissue, collagen and other elements that cause pain in and around joints and prevent normal movement. It is a last resort before surgery is considered and very often negates the need for surgery.

Reason 1 – High Success Rate

Manipulation under anesthesia has a very high success rate in helping people improve their pain and increase their range of motion. This figure is over 90% and has helped thousands of people to feel better and live a more pain free life again. The treatment is really for those people who are experiencing chronic pain, are not getting better, their ability to move is severely limited and all other treatments have been exhausted.

Reason 2 – Expense

Consider this. One manipulation under anesthesia procedure is equivalent to around a dozen therapy sessions. Consider the amount of co-pay expense for those sessions and compare to one manipulation under anesthesia procedure that can get reduce your pain levels faster.

Reason 3 – No Opioids, No Side Effects

Not only can manipulation under anesthesia negate the need for surgery, it can also reduce and eliminate the need for medication. While medication has a time and a place, any long term use of opioids is not ideal for anyone due to side effects and potential addiction. As manipulation under anesthesia seeks to treat the actual issue rather than the symptoms, once full recovery has been made, any use for medication should be eliminated or at the most used seldomly.

There are many other manipulation under anesthesia reasons, but the big three are success, less expense, and no medication.

If you have any questions as to whether you might be a candidate for manipulation under anesthesia, please contact me on (856) 690-8883  or message me on Facebook.