The Headache Epidemic

In the last ten years, chronic migraine headaches have increased by a staggering 60% of the US population. The dramatic increase has happened in adults below 45 years, the majority of those being women. Researchers have conducted a study, and have found out what gender is more affected by migraine headaches, and the following were their findings.

Results of the study

Only 70% of men reported migraine headaches, while 80% of women reported migraines.

What gender got more hospital admissions?

Hospitals admitted only 7% of the men, while 8% of women got hospital admissions annually because of the headaches.

How did the condition affect the daily life of both genders?

The surprising bit is that the condition and its related symptoms affected men’s productivity on higher capacity than it did women. 4 % of the men reported a decline in their regular activities while the number was only 3% of women.

It is obvious that the epidemic is setting back the society with millions of dollars spent on hospital visits, admissions, disability payments and drug prescriptions.

It is crucial to note that there is also an increasing number of patients that are self- medicating. Self medication is dangerous as it can lead to drug dependency. The medication also often doesn’t offer a long lasting solution.

Is there a better approach to solving the migraine headache rather than pharmaceutical medication?

Seeing the negative effects of mainstream medication on migraines a natural way of solving the problem is much better. One such solution is using the services of a chiropractor. A chiropractor deals with spinal injuries that might have affected the nervous system. A migraine headache might be a result of an injury to the spine.

Have any studies found that a chiropractor can provide a lasting solution for migraine headaches?

Scientific studies give merit to the practice showing that a chiropractor can perform appropriate adjustments on the spine, to improve spinal functions, thereby lessening the problem. Therefore, the method eliminates the need for medication, while curing the condition or reducing the degree of pain.

Once you visit a chiropractor, they will examine you to determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment. The test entails things like how the headaches have affected your normal life, a nervous system test and sometimes and x-ray displaying how the vertebrae lie spine and neck.

If you have been suffering from migraine headaches, it could be an indication of a spinal injury. A chiropractor is better suited to deal with the condition without the need for you to take unsafe drugs or spend your hard earned dollars on a short-term solution.