Are You Suffering From Chronic Low Back Pain Including Disc Pain, Sciatica, Pinched Nerves, and/or Spasm?And Have Already Tried Chiropractic or Physical Therapy.

 Low back pain is a difficult condition to get better if left untreated. Unfortunately the medical profession and many Chiropractors dont have a great long-term solution.

Now Theres a Quick, Easy, and Affordable Alternative That You Can Do At Home

It’s called the Pain Relieving Back Support.

This support will be custom fitted to your low back and will put you in a better biomechanical position to help you function and feel better.

Once we customize your Pain Relieving Back Support to your body, you will begin to create new Postural Patterns so you can function and feel better.

Your Pain Relieving Back Support helps you function and feel better in three ways

  1. Decreases stress on your back
  2. Provides support for aching muscles
  3. Reduces pain

You’ll now have a way of alleviating that pain at home with out rushing to your chiropractor.

It will be your invaluable tool to help you function and feel better.

You can’t buy this type of advanced level comprehensive Pain Relieving Back Support in the store. It has to be custom molded to your body to meet your exact postural needs. That’s why it’s so effective.

Even Better, It’s Covered By Most Major Medical Health Care Insurance Policies, Including Medicare.

All you have to do is give us a call today and ask for Barbara at 856-691-0482. Call her and within minutes she will let you know if your insurance will cover it.

P.S:   If you would like to see right now how it works go to

P.S.S: In addition to the Pain Relieving Back Support, we have a state of the art physical therapy modality called a Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulator that you can wear while watching TV or on your drive to work.

The Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulator may help you function and feel better three ways:

  1. Relieves muscle and joint pain
  2. Relaxes tight back muscles
  3. Blocks pain

Call by August 1st and receive the Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulator for FREE






*Due to federal law this offer can not be applied to Medicare or similar federally funded insurance plans*