Hey guys we are here today with Mr Jones. Mr Jones comes in periodically to manage his neck and low back pain. A big golfer, a big fisherman things get out of whack. What I love about Mr Jones is he knows exactly what he needs so we will go through this whole adjusting process and if there is something that he feels he still needs he just tells me. I wish more patients were like that because it would help us get them to feel better a little more quickly. So first thing we are going to do is use an adjusting instrument. All I am trying to do is realign the vertabrae and break up some scar tissue, regain mobility in those spinal joints so the spine can function and feel a little better. We always check his leg length because leg length will be an indication that the pelvis has been dysfunctional or misaligned which can in turn make the low back feel a little off. I am using a drop table that allows me to use less pressure to realign his pelvis and lower back. I am feeling around for anything that might be tight. You are kinda tight in there. How does that feel? A little tight. Mr Jones you usually have a lot more to say about all this. I’m muffled. You are muffled today huh? Next we just use a massager, I know it looks like something you buff your car with but what we are doing is loosening up the muscles, bringing some blood to the surface. It makes the adjustment go a little easier. Now to the manipulation. Deep breath for me and out. Look up for me, here we go. Good, other side. Up and back down. Deep breath. Don’t press too hard from this position. This one bothers you? Okay. Alright lay on your side. See that is a good thing, he told me that one position bothered him a little bit so we get it done another way. Good movement there. It was a lumbar adjustment. Good. On your back. You get me sitting up with my hands. This is a cervical adjustment or a neck adjustment. Half of my patients love it and half hate it. For some it not appropriate, for others it does wonders. Mr Jones seems to move pretty easily so we are going to go through with it. Good. Okay come on up. Sit on the edge here. Okay this last one is a thoracic adjustment or anterior thoracic adjustment. Just start low and work your way up. Good. I think we got them all. Good stuff. I want to thank Mr Jones for allowing us to video this and if you have any questions message me or give us a call at the office. Have a great day.

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