Just a Quick Letter to Introduce Myself and I Have an Important FREE GIFT Reserved for You.

My name, is Dr. Ray Marquez, D.C. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and my office, back Pain Relief Center is right here in Vineland.

You’ve probably heard our name mentioned before or even know someone who has been a patient at our office. If not, then I am pleased to tell you that many of your friends have been relying on me for affordable short term care for their neck and back pains.

Why do Your Friends See Me, a Chiropractor, for their Neck and Back Pain?

I like to think the citizens of our town are a smart bunch and are some of the best and brightest in the area. So, that in mind, given all the other options out there to try and get rid of neck and back pain, why do so many choose me?

Reason #1 – I help educate medical doctors in the community about evidence based Chiropractic.

Reason #2 – Absolutely no long-term treatment plans. Every patient is an individual so we’ll take it a few visits at a time and see how you respond to care. Once you’re feeling better, I’ll release you from care and you don’t need to come back until you feel like it.

Reason #3 – (The BIGGEST Reason) – Convenience! I run a no appointment office. So, as long as we’re open (my hours are M-TH 8:30 to 6:00, just stop by and you’ll be seen as soon as possible. Walk-Ins Welcome.

What is a Visit to My Office Like?…

My office looks just like any other doctor’s office, but instead of the equipment you’d expect to see in a medical doctors office or a dental office, my office has adjusting tables that resemble massage tables, as well as on site digital X-Ray.

Incidentally, many medical doctors, employers, and attorneys refer patients from auto accidents or work related injuries, which by the way, are usually covered 100% by insurance.

This Offer Entitles You to a Neck and Back Pain Consultation to Determine if My Office Can Help You Out of Pain.

To find out if your neck and back pain might respond well to the conservative chiropractic relief care my office offers, I invite you to come in for a quick, 10-minute free consultation. We’ll talk about what’s going on and determine if it’s a good idea to try chiropractic. (If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll definitely let you know.)

If you decide you want care, our typical first visit fee is only $130.00 and includes a full examination, x-ray (only if needed) and chiropractic treatment. You will also receiveā€¦ Many times fully covered by insurance.

A Pillow for Your Neck Absolutely FREE*

Whether I accept you as a patient or not, I’d urge you to at least call and make your free no-obligation appointment. You’ll learn a lot more about your condition and receive a free neck pillow valued at $67.32. It’s free and a way of saying thanks for coming in and introducing yourself to our office.

For your free chiropractic visit, give my office a call.
Our number is 856-690-8883.
Or just come one in during our office hours are M-Th, 8;30 to 6:00.

*This offer does not apply to patients who participate in a Federal program such as, but not limited to, Medicare.