Dealing With Shoulder Pain?

Why do I feel pain in my shoulder?

Shoulder pain is a problem that afflicts many people, and it can occur due to many causes. The shoulder is made up of many joints, so getting to the bottom of shoulder injuries can be a complicated task.

Sources of shoulder pain

Perhaps the most frequent source of shoulder pain can be traced to muscle tendons as well as the bursa. The bursa are fluid-filled sacs that act as shock absorbers while also lubricating and protecting the sliding tendons at the point where they are attached to the bone. The rotator cuff comprises of a set of four muscles, together with the tendons that connect them. Normally, the tearing of tendons results in the bursa swelling which in turn causes impingement. Once this happens, raising the arm up from the side becomes very painful.

‘Strain’ is the term used to refer to the injuries of the tendons and muscles. A strain can described as mild, moderate or severe. Alternatively some people refer to them as tears and categorize them into first, second or third degree tears. The classification depends on the mass of torn tissue.


The diagnosis of the cause of a patient’s shoulder pain is usually influenced by the process of tracing how the injury happened or the injury mechanism. The next step is assessing the range of motion and conducting provocative test to check the positions that trouble the shoulder the most. Using x-rays, a doctor may assess the shoulder in order to detect whether there is dislocation or fracture. An MRI scan may also be done to check for labral tears (a cartilage rim that surrounds the ball and socket joint that is also called the glenoid fossa) and other injuries of the soft tissues.

Risk factors

People whose jobs entail repetitive pounding or heavy lifting (for example jack-hammer operators and carpenters),those who play sports like rugby and football and those who smoke and may have an overactive thyroid are more likely to suffer from shoulder injury. Since the shoulder joint is usually a bit unstable, a lot of people injure their shoulders or tear their rotator cuff at one point in their lifetime. According to a research study, age plays a big role in this. It was found that the incidence of shoulder injuries among people of less than 60 years old was just 6% while it was 30% in those above 60 years. Clearly, shoulder injuries are not limited to those who are young and active.

Go for a doctor of chiropractic

Except in cases of medical emergencies, patients should always opt for non-surgical treatment first. Chiropractors provide the patients suffering from shoulder injuries with a nonsurgical option that stresses on exercise and strategies of self-management combined with mobilization, manual manipulation and other methods. As the treatment is going on, being patient is extremely important since managing a shoulder injury usually takes time, often up to a whole year.



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