Are YOU fed up with your back or neck pain?

What if there was something to ease YOUR pain and give YOU relief?

Thankfully there is. It’s called Relief Assist.

This cream acts quickly to dull your pain giving you much needed relief.

It does this by blocking the pain signals between your back or neck and your brain.

This gives you much needed break and rest from your annoying pain.

Try our new pain Relief Assist cream and see how it reduces your pain.

So how do YOU get your hands on this Relief Assist Cream?

All YOU need to do is to fill in the form below and we will send YOU a FREE bottle of Relief Assist Cream.

We want YOU to try this and YOU will experience how this cream will help you first hand. 

Oh, and there’s no need to pay shipping and handling either.

So don’t delay, fill the form in below, and we will mail the cream out to YOU within a couple of days.

No strings attached. No need to come in. No need to pay. This is completely obligation FREE.

Relief Assist

Clean Relief

  • No paraffins
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oils
  • No petroleums
  • No coloring dyes

New Relief Assist helps manage back and neck pain by blocking pain signals to the brain.

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Back Pain Relief Center

Dr Ray Marquez DC

1133 E Chestnut Street
Vineland NJ 08360


Phone: 856 690 8883