Top 3 Neck Pain Tips

Neck pain is literally a pain in the neck, but if it’s not too bad, there are some things you can do to help with it. If it’s too bad, or these top 3 neck pain tips don’t work, then come in and see me in my Vineland office and I can examine you and find out what’s going on because a lot of the time, neck pain is a result of some other underlying issue, such as back misalignment or some other dysfunction elsewhere.

So here are my top 3 neck pain tips:

1 Ice It

Many people think that neck pain is a muscle issue because the way muscles tense and tighten up around that area. So they often think heat is the way to go. While this could be true, more likely is that it is dysfunction from the back which causes this pain, and so heating the area will not really help. Instead, icing the area each evening for 15 to 20 minutes is a better way to go. An ice gel pack from Walgreens is a good option, and simply sit back on your sofa for 20 minutes, watch some tv and place the cold pack at the base of your neck. You should get great results from this.

2 Cervical Traction

Sounds complex, right? Physical therapists swear by traction and have convoluted and complex machinery to achieve their results, but you can do this at home without any need of machinery. Fine yourself a chair, sit back and then stretch your neck back as far as it will go. You could even do this by laying on your back on your bed and allow your neck to hang over the side. The result is the same, you will stretch your neck out, help decompress the joints and increase your range of motion. Do it for 30 seconds or so. See how you are the next day, to see if it’s helped, but this is a great way to traction the neck.

3 Range of Motion Stretches

Following on from cervical traction, you can help your neck pain by stretching as much as possible. Generally, as patients suffer with neck pain, their range of motion decreases as the pain increases, which makes sense. However, if you can try to push a little beyond this pain barrier and increase the range of motion gradually, you can improve your condition. If you are finding you are getting shooting pains down your arms or tingling, then stop, come in and see me and I can examine you.

These three neck pain tips can all be done from the comfort of your home and are a good way to see how big your neck pain problem is. If you are not getting the results you want, or are still suffering, then come in and see me. Remember, we are a walk in clinic, no appointment is necessary. You can call usĀ 856 690 8883 or message me on Facebook, I respond to all messages.