Manipulation Under Anesthesia for Shoulder Pain

While traditional chiropractic care helps the majority of people who suffer from shoulder pain, there is a small percentage of people who are in such pain and have lost so much range of motion from their shoulder a manipulation under anesthesia for shoulder pain may be the best solution for them. A manipulation under anesthesia is where the patient is put to sleep for half an hour and a range of stretches and adjustments are made to the patient in order to break up adhesions, scar tissue and the like and reduce pain and increase range of motion. We have performed hundreds of these treatments in Vineland over the years.

What is frozen shoulder syndrome?

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is when person starts to lose range of motion in their shoulder, where they can barely grab like the wallet out their pocket or they can’t comb the hair, or they can’t reach up and they begin to lose range of motion. There’s many reasons why a person would get it, such as surgery and the patient doesn’t follow up with all the physical therapy that they should have or it just doesn’t work right and that shoulder locks up.Trauma is another where people have been in a car accident and for whatever reason the trauma starts a frozen shoulder type syndrome where the capsulitis will actually tighten up around the humerus and doesn’t allow that arm to move. And then there’s times when there is no apparent reason for the shoulder to freeze up like it does, but the syndrome still occurs.

How does it form?

It starts where the patient begins to experience some shoulder pain, but is left untreated. Over time, they slowly lose range of motion and it begins to lock up. At the point where it locks up, they may not even feel any pain, but the range of motion is such that they can’t do much with that arm.

But because the condition takes a while to form, many times the patient doesn’t even realize their condition is deteriorating. The funny thing about frozen shoulder syndrome is that after 2 or 3 years, it more often than not corrects itself and you are back to normal.

If you don’t want to wait that long, manipulation under anesthesia for shoulder pain is probably the best way to treat it.

What does a manipulation under anesthesia do for a shoulder?

The goal of manipulation under anesthesia for shoulder pain, and indeed for other conditions such as chronic neck pain and back pain, is to break up adhesions, loosen the joint up, release the tight muscles and to restore that range of motion.

In normal conditions, this would be very hard to do due to pain the patient may be in, the tenseness of the patient while undergoing the therapy, and the fact the therapy is quite aggressive.

While the patient is under anesthesia, they are already in a relaxed state, the body will not be fighting the adjustment. The therapy can be more aggressive than normal, pushing the shoulder beyond the limits the condition has been put in. The patient will wake up and be sore for a few days, but they will not have experienced the pain had the same exercise been made while they were awake.

One manipulation under anesthesia can equate to many normal therapy sessions, so the results of the treatment are not only quicker than normal treatment, but less expensive with only one co-pay compared to many.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia for Shoulder Pain is a Last Resort

Of course, we don’t simply advise an mua for shoulder pain the first time you would come in and see us. We will examine you, try normal conservative approaches through chiropractic care, we may refer to a pain management doctor for any medicinal treatment that may help, and then in conjunction with that, perform treatment. Once we have exhausted all other treatments, and you are still struggling, then we will recommend a manipulation under anesthesia.

So if you are having problems with your shoulders, give me a call (856) 690-8883. Check our manipulation under anesthesia site for more info too.