Manipulation Under Anesthesia – An Alternative to Pain Management

Have you ever been in such pain that the first thing you think of is taking some medication to ease it? This is a natural and common thing to do. You want to get out of pain as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Short term, it’s a logical and obvious thing to do. However, when it comes to back pain, more often than not, taking medication for the pain is self defeating and can cause more problems in the long term. Why?

Your Back Pain is Trying to Tell You Something

Typically, once we get to mid life, most of us have experienced a lot when it comes to our bodies. Work, sports, genetics, accidents, gravity, and many other things have affected our backs in some way. By this time we can expect some aches and pains. But if our back is causing constant pain or irritation, it means something is not right. It is dysfunctional and not operating as it should. Pain is a result of this and is the body’s way of telling you somethings is wrong. Taking a pain medication for temporary relief helps, but if you continually rely on it, then the issue will not get better. In fact it could get worse.


Simply because pain medication does not solve the problem. It simply masks it. So while you may feel better for a while, the chances of over exerting and causing more damage is much greater. This is often why you see a revolving door type scenario at pain management doctors, where a patient will come in, get treated, go away and all the while the pain is at bay, they are doing normal things. But then the pain returns, often worse than before, and the cycle continues.

The pain medication is papering the cracks only. It’s not getting to the core of the problem, which could be any number of things such as arthritis, disc degeneration, scar tissue build up, collagen build up, compressed joints, and so on.

While you are on this pain medication, ideally, this is the time to resolve the issue. Many people do not do this though.

How to Resolve Back Pain

There are many ways to treat back pain, chiropractic, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, exercises, yoga, and so on. For the majority of people, these treatments will help. For the few where their pain is so chronic, the treatment might only relieve them for a little while, or they do not respond well to the treatment because their bio mechanical function is so far gone. It was never corrected in the earlier stages of degeneration.

At this point, it’s likely the patient is considering surgery, and the good news is that big strides have been made in recent years in the success of surgery, but at the end of the day, it’s still surgery, it still has inherent risks, and it still might not work.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia – An Alternative to Pain Management

Before you even consider surgery, check out Manipulation Under Anesthesia. In simple terms, it’s a chiropractic adjustment while in a surgical setting. In other words, you are put to sleep and a qualified chiropractor will put your body through a range of motions that you would typically be unable to endure if you were awake. When you are in so much pain, if you had a typical adjustment, then your body’s natural defense mechanisms would kick in and resist any adjustment that was too much. The body would spasm, tense up even more, and be too difficult to endure. When you are put under, the body is relaxed, all its defenses do not come into play, and the chiropractor will then be able to get in and break up scar tissue, adhesions, collagen, and properly decompress the joints and relax the muscles.

This procedure is designed to reduce all the pressure on the joints which eases pain and allows the spine to function as it should. When it’s reset in this position, then the back is at it’s proper bio mechanical state. It will operate as it should.

We have done a few hundred manipulation under anesthesia’s over the years with over a 90% success rate in improving range of motion and decreasing pain. It is normally reserved for a small group of patients who do not respond to the typical chiropractic manipulation done in the office, and while spinal adjustment is the number 1 way to reduce back pain, manipulation under anesthesia will help those chronic pain patients, and is an excellent alternative besides pain medicine and surgery.

Manipulation under anesthesia is a great alternative and if you are a candidate we are confident of getting you feeling better, being pain free, happy, functioning properly, and having a normal life again.

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