Manipulation Under Anesthesia for Neck Pain – Dr Ray TV

Like with chronic low back pain sufferers, manipulation under anesthesia for neck pain sufferers is an excellent alternative to surgery. We have done many muas on necks as well as backs and see a high success rate well into the 90%s with range of motion increasing and pain decreasing. While it’s not for everyone, just a small percentage of people who do not respond well to conservative chiropractic treatments or physical therapy, it is a valued alternative to going the full surgery route.

While the basic causes of chronic neck pain are essentially the same as back pain, that is the joint gets compressed, and over time scar tissue and adhesions build up which slow reduce the range of motion. The joint is not functioning as normal and doesn’t move properly which means that muscles and scar tissue are rubbing together, creating friction and become inflammed. The pain increases, range of motion decreases further and the effect snowballs.

While some patients do respond for a time to chiro or physical therapy, the effects return and the patient remains in pain.

However, with the neck, there are a lot more dynamics in play. The neck is held up with many different muscle groups including upper neck muscles, trapezoid muscles, chest muscles even, and more. When the patient is under for manipulation under anesthesia for neck a different approach is taken to the usual stretches and adjustments that would apply to a back issue. With the neck, shoulder joint maneuvers are carried out and muscles around the area are worked on in order to loosen up and give more freedom to the neck joints.

With the muscles and shoulder joint adjusted, pressure should then release on the neck joints, decompress and allow the discs to be free. Once completed, the patient should feel a lot better, have a great deal of extra movement and ultimately pain will reduce.

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