Manipulation Under Anesthesia Helps Fibromyalgia Relief

Manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure I do to help people with chronic pain conditions in their joints. It has a very high success rate and basically we put the patient to sleep for 30 minutes or so and go through a range of stretches and adjustments that normally they wouldn’t be able to cope with if they were awake due to the amount of pain they are in. Manipulation under anesthesia for fibromyalgia relief works in much the same way. We’re looking to break up adhesions and fibrous tissues while trying to improve range of motion and function. As the patient is asleep, they are in a very relaxed state which enables the treatments to happen with minimal resistance. The effect of one manipulation under anesthesia is equivalent to twelve regular therapy sessions.

Fibromyalgia is very difficult to treat and diagnose, and we see a great many patients suffering from it at our Vineland Back Pain Relief Center office. Unfortunately, the medical industry doesn’t have a great answer for it as yet due to the many factors causing and the different symptoms that are associated with it, and as such, it becomes something of a team approach with two or more doctors applying different treatments to the patient.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is where a great deal of build up of adhesions and fibrous tissues occur in the muscles and around the joints causes the body a great deal of aches and pains. It causes lack of range of motion and being in constant pain means the patient becomes exhausted and tired. The overall effect is one of weakness, tiredness and pain.

What Helps?

Often a combination of chiropractic, medical and rheumatology treatments can help the patient. The medical doctors provide medication that helps reduce inflammation and gets the muscles to stop producing fibrous tissues. While this really helps it is not a single solution as the bio mechanical aspect is not addressed, meaning the physical component must also be treated otherwise the condition does not get better. The muscles and joints need to be stretched out and adhesions broken.

The problem is that a great majority of fibromyalgia sufferers cannot handle being touched due to the pain. For those who can handle it, chiropractic in conjunction with the medical aspect does help sufferers find relief, but others it can make them feel worse and so they are stuck in a catch 22 position. They need the treatment for the physical aspect, but they cannot handle it and so manipulation under anesthesia for fibromyalgia relief is a great answer to helping. Remember that one manipulation under anesthesia session equates to about a dozen regular therapy sessions. While following the procedure there will be a degree of soreness, but because the treatment has significantly broken the adhesions up, range of motion is drastically improved, inflammation is down and thus pain is relieved.

So with manipulation under anestheisa for fibromyalgia relief we see a great deal of people responding very well to it because they don’t feel anything while asleep, the body’s resistance is non existent and relaxed and we are able to effectively do 12 sessions in one visit.

If you or someone you know suffers from fibromyalgia and you want to know more about manipulation under anesthesia for fibromyalgia, shoot me a message on Facebook, I respond to everyone, or simply give my office a call on (856) 690-8883.