Is it Hip or Back Pain?

Hip or back pain patients have been on the raise at our Vineland walk in chiro clinic. We’ve seen a few patients lately with complaints of both hip or back pain, or a combination of both. A lot of the time, these are separate entities, but of course sometimes it can be both at the same time, ie they are related to one another. One patient we had in recently was really suffering and we had him in for treatment over a period of time to help him reduce pain and increase his range of motion.

What Did We Do?

We gave him an examination, asked about his history, his activities and tried to work out if he was doing anything that could cause him to have this pain. We got X rays done and these showed some degeneration.

We treated each condition as a separate entity, and gave him a spinal adjustment to decompress his joints, break up scar tissue and adhesions, to allow for a better range of motion.

For his hips, we stretched his muscles out and decompressed the joint.

After a few sessions, we weren’t getting to where we were hoping he would be. At this point, we sent him away for an MRI scan to look deeper into the problem.

The results of the MRI showed impingement syndrome which showed bone growth and degeneration. It was this which is stopping him from moving properly. At this point, I am unable to treat him any further, and so he was referred out to orthopedics for further treatment.

I am a great believer in pain relief being a team approach and it’s often advisable to have several eyes on the more complex issues such as this in order to properly help the patient.

If I can’t fix it, I know someone who I can refer you to and we can work together to help relieve your pain and increase range of motion. In most cases though, I am able to treat you and to get your range of motion improved and your pain levels down. So hip or back pain, in general, I can treat you. If it there are deeper issues, I can help you find the right doctor and work with them and you.

If you have any questions, please message me on Facebook or call at our office or call us (856) 690-8883 .