How to Get Healthy Over 40

Do you remember the days when you could eat what you wanted and not get fat? You could go and do sport every day, all day? You could do so much more and the effects on your life and health were minimal. And then one day, you hit that point in life (around 40ish) where it all begins to fall apart. Suddenly, that extra donut has an affect on your waistline. The sports you play takes you longer to recover, and where did those aches and pains come from? They weren’t there before. Sadly, it’s the same for us all, and as a 47 year old myself who is still very active with my judo here in Vineland, I have had to re-examine my life and how I go about doing things.

What brought me to share this information is I was recently in LA competing in a high level judo competition. Comparing myself against the younger people there made me realize that I have had to change myself and the way I do things. For example, when I was their age, I could compete and I would be battered and bruised, but my recovery time would be very quick, say a day or two. Now, it takes a good couple of weeks before I am back to 100% again.

I am still very active though, I work out, I life weights, I teach judo & Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and a lot of cardio work too.

So here’s some of my top tips on how to get healthy over 40 and what I applied to myself to remain fit and healthy and ahead of the curve. How many can you apply to your life?

Regular Chiropractic Treatments

This is great for helping with back and neck pain, and helps prevent future problems. I get adjusted very regularly and this helps decompress my spine and joints and improves recovery time.

Inversion Table

Once again, this helps to decompress the joints. Hanging upside down for several minutes and allowing gravity to work is a great form of natural traction.


I stretch on a daily basis to help with my muscles and improve my flexibility, which is very important in judo training.

Ice Cold Showers

As a form of cyrotherapy, I take an ice cold shower each day. Normally just 30 seconds worth though. I take my regular shower at a normal heat and then rinse off with the hot water off. It’s very invigorating and even has weight loss properties.

Anti Inflammatory

If I feel aches and pains, I’ll also take some anti inflammatory medication to help get on top of the problem and ease aches and pains.

The most important thing is staying active and healthy. The majority of cases I have seen over the past 20 years have been people who have been injured but have not been in great shape. The better shape you are in, the less chance of future injury to your neck or back. It’s very much a preventative measure that works well overall.

In summary, the top four things to how to get healthy over 40 and remain on top of things and decreasing the chances of suffering injury or pain is chiropractic care, is to allow yourself to recover from any injury, to work out rigorously and very important, your diet. You really do need to watch what you eat because your diet has a great deal to how your body recovers and how it maintains itself. There have been many studies linking diet to arthritis and inflammation for example.

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