Saturday morning, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and was blown away by the level of skills and more importantly the attitude and dedication the people I worked with have for others and the community.

It was an amazing experience not only for seeing how these projects come together, but also to know that the finish house will go to someone in need. It was great to be part of something that enabled me to give back to the community.

It leads me into something we have started at Back Pain Relief Center, in that we have just created a Facebook group for people suffering with back and neck pain.

This is not a paid group, it is not a way to get people into the office, it is there for the community to use to share their experiences as to what has worked for them and what hasn’t.

Our goal is to get other experts onto the group, not just myself as a chiropractor, but other professionals within the medical field, such as orthopedics to neurologists to physical therapists. We already have myself, Dr Staci, and Shannon an RN on board to help.

So it will be a group of people in pain having conversations, sharing experiences, supporting others, and receiving support themselves from one another and the professionals.

This is our way of giving back to the people, to help them, and to provide that extra bit of support.

The group can be found at it is free to join. It is still young, but the more we can have join, the more conversation we can have and the more advice can be given.