Okay we are here today with Sandy. Sandy has a little bit of low back and mid back discomfort. Nothing too bad. We are going to go with an overall thoracic to lumbar Chiropractic adjustment to help her function and feel better. First thing we are doing is using an instrument just to kind of loosen up the joint, break up some scar tissue and allow some better range of motion. It makes the manipulation go a little easier. Next we are going to use a massager to loosen the muscles up to allow the adjustment to go easier to hold a little longer, brings a little blood flow to the surface and makes the patient feel just a little better. Now we are going to do a lumbar side posture adjustment. So lay on your side and face me. I am going to kind of put you where I need you. Good, okay the other side. Alright. Come on up and we will sit on the edge of the table. The next is a thoracic adjustment. I am just going to relieve a little tension and pressure in this mid back. Good that was it. Alright guys if you have any questions just message me and we can talk about it. Have a great day.

Okay we are here today with Mike. Mike has some low back pain. Mike is one of our Judo players probably aggravating his back a little bit. We are going to do a lumbar chiropractic spinal adjustment, do some therapy on him, stretch him out a little bit and get him back on the mat as quickly as possible. First we are going to make sure his pelvis is aligned and even this way it doesn’t aggravate his low back or make it dysfunction. I use an instrument, what I am doing is vibrating each one of the lumbar joints. Going to try to break up some scar tissue. It loosens up the muscles a little bit and allows me to give him a better manipulation which in turn will decompress the joint and allow it to function better and in turn make him feel better. We get a lot of people in who do martial arts, particularly Judo and Ju Jit Su and they go to a lot of doctors and they will tell them to stop working out. We are not going to do that here we are going to try to get him functionally better and keep him on the mat as long as possible. This here is a heavy duty massager, it is nothing special, what we are doing is just bringing the blood flow to the surface, loosening the muscles reducing any spasm. On your side please. Next is a lumbar spinal manipulation it is going to decompress the joint,realign it and take pressure off the joint and the nerves. You may hear that popping noise and that popping noise or crack is just some pressure gas being released just allows us the know we get the joint mobile. This next adjustment is going to loosen up a little higher on his low back. That wasn’t bad how does it feel? Good. Okay. Alright so next we are going to do some electric stim and some heat on him. Loosen those muscles up a little more then we are going to put him on a roller bed get some more mobility for that back. He moved really easy to get him functioning and feeling better back on the mat in just a couple of visits. If you have any questions just message me and we will talk about it.

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