The Bad News About Back Pain

We’ve helped a lot of people over the years manage their back pain and find solutions to reducing it. Whether it be through us treating them at our clinic here in Vineland, or through working with other doctors, or simply through referring to appropriate doctors depending on condition, we feel proud to have helped in some way. Despite this, there is some bad news about back pain which we shall now discuss.

The bad news is this. No one has a good answer for back pain. Chiropractic, medicine, and so on does not have a good answer for back pain. There is no golden egg where you can simply go to your chiropractor and get an adjustment and you’ll feel 100% again. Or you go to your doctor and get some medication and it will fix everything. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. It’s not like high blood pressure for example, where you can see a definitive result through taking appropriate medication. You take it, and it lowers. But with back pain, it generally doesn’t get fixed right away because of the complexities involved.

The primary reason we get back pain is we get compression of the joint. Something happens, we get a compressed joint, it doesn’t work properly and then it begins to hurt as the discs get problems, nerves are affected and it increases inflammation. We get increased tone, muscles tighten up so they don’t function correctly either and range of motion decreases. There’s a lot of factors that bring these things on.

Factors include our lifestyle choices (sports etc), work (sitting at desks, repetitive motion at a factory), our genetics, accidents (car, falling down steps), or even degeneration as our bodies degenerate throughout life.

Why do we say there is no good answer?

There are lots of different parts of that joint that can cause pain. A pinched nerve for example can be caused by the nerve, the ligaments, the joint, the muscles, or it could be a combination. You could have some arthritis too. There’s all kinds of contributing factors.

So the bad news is there is no great answer for you. However, the good news is chiropractic care does do a great job at helping you manage it though. Through spinal manipulative therapy, chiropractic care has been shown to provide the number 1 way to manage back pain.

And that’s what it becomes. Back pain becomes a management issue and you have to find what works well for you. Some people come in for an adjustment once a month, every couple of months, or whenever they get a flare up. That becomes their management tool to help deal with their pain and keep their backs from feeling worse.

Other people use orthopedics, get an epidural or take some medication, and that’s fine. It’s about what works for you to help you manage your pain. Physical therapists or even simple stretches at home are other ways to help manage pain.

You have to find out what works best for you to help you manage your pain because there’s no simple solution to fixing it due to the complexities and reasons why it occurs. Even in surgery, there will likely be some underlying issues, but in the future, this will likely improve and perhaps form a more solid answer. But for right now, it’s about pain management techniques that will help you to cope and function.

There are other ways to help manage your pain. TENs units, icing the afflicted area regularly and things such as stretching and yoga are also great ways to helping it. And of course, a blend of a few of these solutions can go some way to helping you further. But ultimately, it’s finding what works for you and using it properly.

As previously said, chiropractic is the number one way to helping with pain management and should certainly be tried.

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