What Causes Back Pain And How To Prevent It?

Never experienced back pain before? High chances are that you will experience this sometime in the future. Below are a few ways about how back pain can be prevented in the future. Doing these simple things are sure to lessen your chance of experiencing this awful pain.
1. Choosing A Mattress.
Are you wondering what kind of mattress is best for this? The simple answer to this question is there is no specific mattress for anybody. This is mostly because of the feel of the mattress, a person’s body type, their gender and their size. Our advice for mattresses is that you have a go at laying down on a range of different types of mattresses. Do this for a few minutes for each mattress. Also lie on both sides as well as your back. Always have a look at what the differences are between water, air, foam and inner springs mattresses. Keep away from the mattresses that feel like a hammock. The thickness of a mattress will be anywhere from seven to eighteen inches deep. The best type of mattress ought to keep a persons natural spinal chords in one place if lying on their back or sides. Never sleep on the stomach.
A pillow can be placed between both knees. Otherwise a pillow may be hugged as a person is sleeping. This can be a kick stand and will stop a person from turning onto their stomach.
If you can’t afford to pay much for a good mattress or pillow, then a piece of plywood may be placed between the box spring and the mattress. This is a great short term option.
2. Shoes.
Always have a look at the bottom of all your shoes. Here you will be able to tell if the shoes pattern has worn out. If the shoes heels or soles have worn out, then it is time to purchase a new pair of shoes. These shoes should be brand new. Otherwise, get them re-soled as soon as possible by a shoe cobbler in your area. Do you work on your feet all day? Those who work on their feet all day must learn how to look after and stop back pain from occurring.
3. Diet.
If you have a bad diet, please understand that this can lead to obesity. You are sure to experience back pain at some point in the future. Avoid consuming fast food! Think about going on the Mediterranean or Paleo Diet’s. Think about a few different foods or drinks that you consume that are not good for you. Whether that be fizzy drinks, ice cream or chips. Remove them and replace them with something healthy. A person’s body mass index should be between twenty to twenty five. Some good side-effects to look out for include: improved health, and a better way of life.
4. Exercise.
Good exercise will certainly reduce your chance of experiencing back pain. Research has proven that those who exercise often will not have much pain, will not have to go to the doctor, live longer and will feel great all the time. Exercise and a healthy diet are sure to prevent back pain. Always use the correct techniques when strengthening your core muscles. Ask a professional what exercises are best for your back.
5. Posture.
Avoid sitting in a slumped position. Especially when your head is sitting in carriage positions. The head adds an extra load to a persons upper back muscles. Sitting in a slumped position is sure to give an extra load on your whole back. Always use the correct sitting and standing posture at all times.
These are just some of the few reasons as to why back pain occurs. Keep an eye out for our next article on this subject next month.
We know that each person has their own preferences as to how they look after their health. We thank you very much for choosing us to assist you in this important matter. If you know of anyone who experiences back pain who needs some advice, then we are more than happy to provide assistance.

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