Why Does My Back Always Hurt?

Why does my back always hurt?
Around 80-90% of people are affected by low back pain at some juncture in their life. One the main reasons for this is that we are 2-legged mammals carrying 2/3rds of our total weight above the waistline. Studies indicate that arthritis of deterioration occurs much sooner for us than in our 4-legged counterparts. For instance, a man weighing around 180 pounds carries roughly 120 pounds above his waist. This means that each time he bends over, he needs to lift up 120 pounds in order to stand up straight; hence the reason for the argument.

It is rather amazing that our backs don’t get injured more often doing everyday activities like lifting 2 bags of groceries into the far end of our car trunk, or carrying our 30 pound child in and out of their car seat.

Basic anatomy

To further understand just why our lower backs are so vulnerable to injury, you need to understand some basic anatomy. When born, our back is made up of 33 segments, 5 of which later on fuse by the time we are roughly 18 years old to make up the sacrum, which is the bottom of the spine. 4 fuse to make up the coccyx (tail bone), 7 the cervical (neck) vertebra, 5 lumbar (lower back) and 12 thoracic (mid-back). All these segments are stacked up on top of each other like basic building blocks, all connected with a shock absorbing disk in front and 2 smaller facet joints in the back, making a tripod.

Our lower back is supposed to bear roughly 80% of our weight in the front and 20% in the rear. However, if our abdominal muscles are somewhat out of shape and the pelvis rotates in a forward direction, the curve in the lower back increases and overburdens the back of the vertebra (facets) leaving them vulnerable to injury.

Reducing the chances and effects of lower back pain

So what are the chances experiencing periodic low back pain? For one, staying in shape is quite important. Some of the body’s muscles have to be tight to keep us standing or upright. Such muscles also have to be stretched from time to time; for instance, the hamstring muscle.

If you are experiencing low back pain, then it’s important you seek healthcare services to sort out the issue. This will provide you with the best possible chance of understanding your condition and having it properly treated. The longer you delay, the worse things will get. In certain cases, the problem could be a bit bigger than you assumed.

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