Car Accident Patient Chiropractic Treatment

Miss Johnson was in a bad car accident a while ago and what we are doing today is trying to relieve some of her pain.

She is telling us she is having a bunch of tightness in her upper back and neck so we are going to try to loosen some of the muscles up, realign the joints of the spine and break up scar tissue so she can recover faster.

How is your low back? Low back is better? Alright next we are going to do a neck adjustment. But actually first we will do a upper back adjustment. She is really tight through here.

Very typical of people who have been in car accidents. It might be a little tender, deep breath for me, let it out, just relax. Now we are going to do her neck. Good are you okay? A little pressure on your shoulder. Look up for me. The other side. Instead of looking over I just want you to look straight up. Come up for me and sit on the edge of the table.

Next we are going to do upper thoracic and mid back adjustment. Okay? Yeah. So next thing we are going to do is stim and heat on her upper back, lower neck to loosen all that up and give her some better range of motion.

Then we are going to put her on the roller bed to further facilitate and loosen her up to get her to function and feel better.

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