Back Pain Relief With A Vineland Chiropractic Manipulation

Besides help with back pain,a Vineland Chiropractor can also help with neck pain, middle and upper back pain and even headaches.

Low back pain has always been a common health issue, but it is becoming seemingly much more common and it seems there are more and more “quick fixes” and unproven remedies out there. It seems like it is getting harder and harder for the average American to figure out who to believe when it comes to low back pain remedies. Let’s take a look at the difference between two different methods of treating low back pain: chiropractic therapy and conventional treatments.

Chiropractic Treatment
The practice of chiropractic medicine involves the manipulation of certain joints that have been hindered by injuries to the tissue surrounding them. This tissue can be damaged by trauma like being in a car accident, falling down or a sports injury, while they can also be damaged by overuse and improper support of the back while sitting, sleeping or lifting. When the tissue begins to heal it can sometimes develop scarring which can create knots in the tissue. These formations that develop in the tissue limit the total mobility of the joints.

When the chiropractor manipulates those joints the tissue loosens and the joint can begin to move around. The ability to have a more varied range of motion allows the pressure to come off the healing tissue or surrounding muscles, which results in an elimination or reduction of pain and the ability to be more active.

People see chiropractors for a myriad of reason, most commonly however is back pain caused by overuse, improper support, sitting too much in the same position or a number of other causes. Other reasons someone might see a chiropractor might include chronic headaches, shoulder pain, constant “crick in the neck,” neuralgia, pain caused by whiplash, hip pain, knee pain, disc disorders or degeneration, just to name a few.

Conventional Treatments
The category of conventional treatments for intermittent low back pain generally includes at home treatment such as using a heating pad or soaking in a hot bath, taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines and starting a daily stretching regimen. At home remedies might also include improving support when sitting or sleeping by adding a lumbar cushion. If the low back pain has become chronic, there are other conventional treatments that can be tried such as physical therapy or pain control by prescribing prescription strength pain medications.

To summarize, chiropractic treatments offer a more natural alternative to conventional treatments which often include the use of prescription drugs that can cause dependence and don’t actually do anything to fix the problem that is causing the pain that the drugs are merely masking. Often times, chiropractic treatments can be used in conjunction with some of the more conventional types of treatment to see even better results. Other alternative therapies can be included as well, such as acupuncture or massage. Some recent studies have also found that stretching exercises and the practice of yoga can help prevent low back pain from coming back after seeing results from a combination of conventional and chiropractic treatments.

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